Executive Coach Kate McCaffrey

Posted by on January 30, 2023

What is an Executive Coach, and why do you need one?

I find myself saying often, I wish I had one of me when I was one of you

As a student affairs professional and while working in higher education for almost 30 years, I didn’t have the opportunity to work in an environment where executive coaching was a thing. Mentoring? Maybe. Professional development? Yes. Benefits toward my ongoing education? Yes. Executive coaching? Not so much. 

When I made the decision to leave my senior-level leadership position, I knew I wanted to focus on organizational culture and change. During the ideation of building my business, becoming an executive coach and getting certified was one of my first steps. 

I truly mean it when I say I wish I had someone like me when I was in a vice president role. While I had great support from colleagues, a strong professional network, and a personal support system; a coach could have added an extra layer of exploration, intentionality, safety with my ideas and growth for me as a leader. 

This internal insight is one of the reasons why I added executive coaching as part of my services at the onset of launching my company. It also helped that my President encouraged me to do this and said to me, “people in my role need someone like you,” as we discussed my professional transition. 

So, if you are a president, vice president, CEO, or other senior-level leader and are considering what you need to be more successful in the future, give me 20 minutes of your time. We can talk about how coaching could be the thing you didn’t know you needed! And it won’t cost you other than the time it takes to email me to schedule a time to have your free inquiry call.