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Many organizational leaders find it difficult to lead and manage all the competing priorities on their own. Having the time, capacity among leadership and space in your schedule can be challenging given the day to day needs of the organization. An outside perspective with deep knowledge about your organization will help you achieve your goals by delivering oversight, coordination and facilitation of structural assessments, program reviews, program launches and strategic planning.

Creating synergy and momentum with a project team, facilitating strategic planning initiatives, assessing organizational structure and conducting program reviews are within your reach. From creating benchmarks and deadlines to hold team members accountable, to creating an environment for success that serves your organization well, I will help you see projects are run smoothly, managed well and implemented to completion.

  • Strategic Planning - There comes a time when having a plan for continuous improvement and setting goals for the future is important. Organizations of all sizes need buy-in for strategic planning initiatives as well as thought leaders with the skills and strengths to see the plan through. Creating strategic plans can be daunting when managing the everyday needs of an organization. I possess the experience and the strengths associated with strategic thinking and organizational assessment to assist with this endeavor that will catapult your organization toward its future; and create a plan that has stakeholder buy-in and organizational culture and values at the forefront, while creating an implementation plan that can be sustained for a better tomorrow for you and your organization.
  • Program Review - Having an external voice and perspective facilitating a review of programs or departments can be vital to the success of the review process. Together, we will create a plan for the review that meets your needs and goals; work with key members of your team; listen to stakeholder feedback and prepare a report with a current state assessment and recommendations for future growth or transformation to your department or program. Internal quantitative and qualitative data will be collected and utilized in the review process. Reviews can include leadership and talent assessment, organizational structure; and outcomes assessment and benchmarking.
  • Program Launch and Implementation - Experienced in developing, growing and implementing initiatives; I can facilitate taking your ideas and innovations and making them a reality! Success can be measured by capacity, especially when it comes to new initiatives. A good program starts with strong planning and strategic thinking. Time will be taken to understand your project and how it fits into your organization’s goals, to create a plan for implementation plan, and collaborative work with key stakeholders will turn your ideas into reality.
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