Executives In Transition Posse

Executives In Transition Posse

Are YOU a Leader in Transition?

Many executives find themselves in transition! 

If you are one of those leaders, it can be an exciting time just as much as it can be anxiety provoking. Be assured, it is possible and easy to transform what feels stressful and lonely to pure, empowered excitement. Organizations need the best you! And you owe it to yourself to invest time in your transition process!

You need a Posse

So you can:

Confidently lead yourself and your organization through the transition with optimal results!

Build a network of fellow executives in transition who will serve as your personal think tank.

Share experiences- the good, the bad and the ugly while you gain valuable insight from a confidential, safe, facilitated, peer group.

Clarify your own leadership vision, mission and goals in your new role so you can transform them into actionable steps in your first 100 days.

Why now?

Organizations and companies are looking for leaders in new, executive level positions to enhance their operations, make quick decisions about changes that need to be made and to do it all well!

Having a posse comprised of executives who are managing the same expectations, dealing with similar issues and challenges; and just as excited about their opportunity will benefit you in this transition.

Benefits — connection to others; shared experiences; confidential sounding board; dedicated coaching.

Why Posse?

A posse is a group of people coming together for a common cause: to support, encourage and experience survival; but most of all peak performance and success.

The Executives in Transition Posse is an eight session experience encompassing a multi-month transition phase.

It will meet virtually every other week. In the off weeks, individual coaching and office hours will be available.

Participants will be asked to do some reflection and light reading in between sessions in order to have the discussions focus both on personal experiences, issues and challenges; as well as the topics that are outlined below.


For the affordable investment of $2000, you will have the opportunity to manage your executive transition with confidence, knowledge, and strategy. You’ll gain insight and strength from fellow leaders across a variety of industries to help you make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible.



8 sessions will meet every other week. 

Group Start Date:  TBD in August 2021

Group End Date:     TBD in late November 

Where:                          Zoom 

When:                            12 – 1:30pm or 4 – 5:30pm Eastern

(TBD based on participant feedback).

If you’d like more information, click below to download a full report! 


Join me for a brief inquiry call to learn more about the program. Make the step to twist your paradigm and build a network of success for yourself and your team!