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Serving higher education and non-profit leaders in making their organizations stronger, better and poised for the future. Change is inevitable and those who don’t embrace change and create the climate for change within their organizations will fail. Being ready for change and having leaders who understand their own attitudes, beliefs and skills in managing change will help change initiatives thrive and sustain.

Having leaders who are ready for change is vital to the success of any learning and growing organization. Many times, organizations fail to determine the level of readiness of those implementing the changes and those on the receiving end of change initiatives. The current situation in our country calls for leaders who can be ready to lead, manage and create change; crisis is an opportunity to look within, ahead and envision a future beyond the current moment. I can deliver training and development to leadership teams and boards in the following ways:

  • Assist with assessing the readiness level of your leadership and membership, determining needs for training and education; implementing training and education; and working to help make your team ready for the changes that will occur in the future.
  • Whether in response to a crisis, planned strategic initiatives, or large organizational transformation, I can be a resource, guide and mentor for your organization.
  • Your initiatives and projects may be determined: do you have the leaders with the skills necessary to manage and support those projects and initiatives? Many organizations get stuck in the weeds of the day to day operations of the organization and often have difficulty making initiatives happen or taking projects to the next level. My approach to change readiness assessment, leadership training, program review, management and launch can deliver results in a timely manner and allow for the innovation and creativity to take shape within your organization.

Through a combination of training, coaching and support; I can help create leaders with the skills needed for managing your organization and set the priorities necessary to be ready to lead and manage change.

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