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About Paradigm Twist

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Committed to driving innovation and partnering with her clients to enable their success, Kate McCaffrey is an executive coach and consultant who helps organization leaders to understand their competencies and skills. By focusing on identifying and clarifying their current goals, she partners with clients to determine and devise strategies and specific action plans that enable them to reach their goals. She forges collaborative relationships with clients and works with them to create customized, macro-level development roadmaps. Kate will be in your corner from the start to the finish of the project/engagement and will work with you to achieve the best results. She does this in a reassuring, collaborative and encouraging way.

Kate has devoted her professional life to the study of improving and cultivating human and leadership potential to drive positive outcomes. Her demonstrated success in developing and executing short- and long-term pathways and vision that affirms her as an expert at identifying opportunities and delivering solutions that achieve organizational excellence, reduce costs, develop processes, and improve leadership. Adept at leading project and change management, budgeting, and resource allocation activities, Kate is steadfast to exceeding goals and expectations and willing to put the hard work in to get the best results, while encouraging clients along the way.

As a coach and consultant, she partners with clients to optimize performance and to accelerate results. Her research and experience have focused on maximizing the value of talent, aligning employees with organizational imperatives, and creating organizations that thrive and succeed. Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts; a Master of Science in Student Affairs from Colorado State University; and a Ph.D. in Human Resources Studies/Higher Education Leadership from Colorado State University. She is also certified as an executive coach via the Center for Executive Coaching.

Kate Kenny, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Wheaton College.

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