Change Leadership Bootcamp

Change Leadership Bootcamp

The Bootcamp Experience 

Enhance Creative Thinking 

Leaders today are inherently tasked with being innovative, making change happen and sustaining it within their organizations. Even today, most change initiatives fail and many leaders fail too. It’s time to invest in enhancing how you think about leading change. 

Understand Your Change Leadership Approach and Style

Knowing your own approach to leading change, how to assess your own and the readiness of your team; and understanding the difference between change leadership and management will help you create a formula for change initiative success and sustainability. 

Create a vision and strategy to lead change in your organization

The group will explore models and theories of change readiness,  leadership and management. Participants will  create their own model for leading change based on their personal leadership style and the current needs of their organization.

We know that leadership is very much related to change. As the pace of change accelerates, there is naturally a need for effective leadership.

John Kotter

Course Overview  

        Participant Outcomes

  • gain and understand an awareness of personal change readiness level and leadership style 

  • develop new skills related to change management and leadership

  • create a plan for implementing a change initiative in their organization 

  • benefit from a new network of professionals while experiencing the material in a cohort based program

  • have confidence in leading change initiatives

8 sessions

Sessions will be held for 1.5 hours each for 8 weeks. They will be recorded and facilitated in a safe and comfortable manner.

Each session will be informative, allow for reflection and discussion and end with action items for the next session. 

For an investment of $2000.

Executive Coach &

Change Leadership Scholar 

A scholar in the topic of change readiness and leadership, a certified executive coach, a strong listener with an intuitive and empathic approach to delivering material that is relevant; through a process that is transformative; and knowledge that is timely and informative.