Twist Your Paradigm

Unveiling the Magic of Leadership

This year has started off by showing us many examples of leadership that are in some ways impossible. Impossible to be all things to all people, impossible to to be impartial in challenging situations, impossible sometimes to take a stand.    We may find ourselves wishing and hoping for our leaders to be better. Maybe […]

Recognizing the Grief Within Celebrations

Recognizing the Grief Within Celebrations

A friend was moving her daughter out of her room at the end of the academic year and was looking forward to having her home for the summer.  My friend was excited but not – she was in a mood, and she didn’t understand what was going on. There are lots of reasons to be […]

The A Months: Stress Time or Invest Time?

When I worked on campus, I started referring to April and August as the “A months.” These months can be exciting, challenging, and inspiring all at the same time.  Months that begin with the letter A are always a little more challenging than typical campus life. For the purposes of this blog, I will focus […]

Helping Lonely Hearts in Leadership Blog

Helping Lonely Hearts in Leadership

“Leadership is lonely.”  I hear this from my clients and friends in senior leadership roles. While painful to hear, from my own experience, it resonates with me.  The proverbial corner office can feel isolating, making it lonely at the top for organizational leaders. One of the ways to combat this feeling is to be intentional […]

Tackling the Change Management Process

As we begin a new year, understanding the differences between change readiness, change management, and change leadership is vital to successful new initiatives taking hold and sustainability of them. When we consider all the changes that we intentionally try to make in our lives, thinking about how we approach our leading and managing behavior is […]

Executive Coach Kate McCaffrey

What is an Executive Coach, and why do you need one? I find myself saying often, I wish I had one of me when I was one of you.  As a student affairs professional and while working in higher education for almost 30 years, I didn’t have the opportunity to work in an environment where […]

Managing Change and Preparing Your Team for a New Year

As I look forward to the new year, I first look back on the one that has passed.  The only thing that stays the same is change.  Last month, I participated as a keynote speaker for the 2022 NASPA Region 1 SSAO Institute.  It was my first foray back into the world of student affairs […]

Showing Up

It’s been a long day, a busy season, a crazy year. I have heard a hundred excuses that can get in the way of how we are present for our clients and our team.  I had the opportunity to show up with attendees at the first-ever Build & Balance: A BOSSY Inclusive retreat.  Gerry Valentine […]

Look Up for Leadership Lessons

The sky is gray a lot where I live, the grayness is sometimes buffered or amplified depending on the weather and temperature. Some days you can hear things from above before you can see them. In the last few weeks there have been large numbers of geese flying overhead. Their honk, cackle, bark, “cheering” or […]

Twisting the Paradigm

It’s that time of year again, the air is cooler in the morning and in the evening and the days are getting shorter; school supply commercials are reigning inboxes and TVs; apple and pumpkin spice flavors, decorations and scents clog the store aisles and drive through coffee dealers. But wait… this year is different for […]

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