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Paradigm Twist helps leaders in organizations solve problems, manage challenges and lead change. The goal: making their organizations and the people in them stronger, healthier and better.

We help your team reach their
highest potential.

Not every problem can be solved internally. Sometimes, you just need a fresh perspective. We at Paradigm Twist stand with your company to cultivate change readiness, help you prioritize your greatest needs, and delegate tasks to the perfect people in your company.

Partnering with Paradigm Twist allows you to maximize your strengths while minimizing stress - a key factor in making sure your people are as productive as they can be.


Our Services

Organizational Effectiveness
Many organizational leaders find it difficult to lead and manage all the competing priorities on their own. An outside perspective can help you prioritize the things your leadership team should be focusing on.

Executive Coaching
We help executive leaders find ways to manage and build teams, work through problems, and be ready to make (and lead) change within your organizations

Change Readiness
Change is inevitable, and those who don't embrace it will fail. We help train and develop leadership teams to understand their own attitudes and beliefs - and to help them thrive through periods of change.

Paradigm Twist is about helping leaders achieve their best skills, create teams that can be change ready, innovative and strategic while keeping organizational values at the core of every day interactions and achievements.

Founded on the idea that small changes can make a big difference in many ways. The current climate calls for leaders and organizations to think creatively, work collaboratively and invest in human capital and talent management. Paradigm Twist can help you achieve your goals, stay focused on your mission and create a vision for the future that is viable and sustainable.


Kate’s extensive experience as a senior leader in complex organizations gives her a unique perspective on challenging the status quo. She is an expert in change management with a people-first approach to helping people in organizations navigate through challenges. She sees opportunities when others may only see roadblocks.

Dennis Hanno, PhD, President Emeritus, Wheaton College, MA

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